EastEnders fans felt a little bit grubby after watching the BBC soap last night – thanks to Phil Mitchell sharing too much information with them about his ‘sex life’.

On Tuesday (5 February), Phil wasn’t getting any action in THAT department from his wife Sharon, so decided to find it elsewhere.

By going solo… (Ewww, stop, no more, can we pretend we didn’t hear that please?)

Phil had an amorous glint in his eye (Credit: BBC)

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After agreeing to buy Mel Owen’s half of the club, Phil and Sharon celebrated in the Queen Vic.

A few drinks later, the mechanic put on his best ‘sex eyes’ as he made amorous advances towards wife Sharon.

But, later back at the house, she was having none of it.

After she told her hard-man husband she had a headache – otherwise known as ‘I fancy Keanu more’ syndrome – a disappointed Phil asked if there was anything he could do to help her.

Eww, just been totally grossed out by #EastEnders. I don’t want to think about Phil Mitchell ‘sorting himself out’ thank you very much!!

To which she replied: “No, it’s okay, I’ll sort myself out.”

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All pretty normal so far, until Phil’s next comment left viewers squirming, when he replied: “You and me both.”

Fans were both shocked and amused at Phil’s reference to masturbation, with one tweeting: “Did Phil Mitchell really suggest what I thought he suggested?? Funniest line in ages. #EastEnders.”

While some called the comment “comedy gold”, others felt “physically sick” and “grossed out”.

One said: “In 15 years of watching EastEnders, nothing has made me feel more ill than a Phil Mitchell [bleeping] reference.”

“Phil Mitchell has just made a joke about masturbating on #EastEnders and it’s the highlight of my day,” said another.

Unbeknownst to Phil, Sharon and her on-off lover Keanu had just had a heart-to-heart in the toilets of the Queen Vic – as you do – where Keanu had made his feelings clear…

While Louise is just a fling, it’s Sharon he really loves.

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