PERPLEXED and bemused.

That’s how I felt throughout the Black Mirror Labyrinth — Thorpe Park’s futuristic new attraction and the first of its kind in the UK.

Futuristic fun at Thorpe Park's new attraction - the Black Mirror Labyrinth


Futuristic fun at Thorpe Park’s new attraction – the Black Mirror LabyrinthCredit: Oliver Dixon

Billed as the ultimate sensory-defying maze, it propels you into a “dark universe and aims to keep you there” — and your job is to escape.

I was given early access to the Black Mirror before it opened on May 21.

My brother, photographer Ollie, and I had our “psychological data” scanned into the “world’s best artificial intelligence system” upon entry

From there we had to negotiate a baffling network of dark rooms, plastic curtains, blocked doorways and, ultimately, the dreaded maze of mirrors and glass.

It was difficult enough even before losing our bearings, stopping for photos and being warned about going the wrong way.

But we eventually made our escape!

Face off and try to find your way out of the new attraction


Face off and try to find your way out of the new attractionCredit: Oliver Dixon


Thorpe Park has wisely introduced a free ticketing system to book specific time slots which reduces queue times and restricts numbers to be Covid safe.

Across the resort, yellow markers and staff help guests to socially distance while masks are mandatory on the rides.

The popular Nemesis Inferno may have opened 18 years ago but still gives even the biggest thrillseekers a major rush as it twists, turns, loops and drops through 750m.

And the Stealth roller coaster goes from a standstill to 80mph in two seconds, and at 205ft it’s one of Europe’s fastest and tallest rides of its type.

Top of the drops on the superfast roller coaster Stealth


Top of the drops on the superfast roller coaster StealthCredit: Oliver Dixon
Take twists and turns on the Nemesis Inferno ride


Take twists and turns on the Nemesis Inferno rideCredit: Oliver Dixon

There is plenty for all ages, with the likes of Tidal Wave and Storm in a Teacup rides suitable for youngsters.

Bookings are online and visitors can stay overnight at the on-site Shark Cabins.

You’ll never want to escape!

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